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Old Man Steve

"The Internet's Favorite Grandpa"

Old Man Steve: Breaking Ground for Seniors On Social Media

As a whiz on social media, 76 year old

East Haven.CT resident Stephen (Steve) Austin is breaking all

the myths about seniors not using new technology. Steve is currently considered the “favorite

Grandpa” on six second

looping video service Vine, where he has almost 29,000 followers. His

videos have been viewed more than 19 million times.

Many social media users know Steve by his screen name, Old Man Steve (visit, and his popularity has continued to grow in recent years. He even gets

recognized while out shopping.

“I first heard someone yell, ‘Steve, why aren’t you home making videos? I’ve watched all your

videos.’ Since then several people have stopped me saying, ‘Old Man Steve, I love your work,’”

Steve says.

Originally Steve ran a dental business, which he inherited from his father, but after retiring (for the

first time) 20 years ago, Steve started working part time for the Dallas Summer Musicals theater,

where he met many in the entertainment field.

About seven years ago while still living in Dallas, where he grew up, Steve’s videomaking

journey began.

“I started making YouTube videos after I read an article saying you could make a lot of money, but,

of course, that’s not how it works, since I think YouTube has only brought me a $100 over a five year period,” Steve says

with a laugh.

After moving to East Haven from Dallas four years ago due to family health issues, Steve and his

southern drawl become a fan favorite on YouTube, Fiverr, Vine, and other social media sites.

Like any good Grandpa would do, Steve makes it a point to discourage anyone on Vine from using

foul language.

“I will make sure to call them out on it,” he says.

Steve truly enjoys making people happy through entertaining and it shows. His Old Man Steve Spy

YouTube videos recently became a comedic hit, and Steve is a top rated

seller at online service

marketplace Fiverr, which, he says, “helps supplement my little Social Security check.”

With all this success, Steve still has one major goal to achieve: “Getting on the Ellen [DeGeneres]


Steve loves DeGeneres’s humor and says, “I’ve been trying to get on her show for years.”

Another thing Steve has been doing for years is wearing hats in all his videos. He’s not quite sure

how his various matching hats became his trademark, but says “On Vine, I also have cups to match

my hats.”

Where does all this talent and creativity come from? Steve believes it was his grandfather, “My

namesake, Steve Edward Austin.

“He had an act doing animal impersonations and toured around doing vaudeville. He even had a radio

show. I was very close to him, so maybe he inspired me,” says Steve. “My mother always said, ‘Your

grandfather is just silly, and you’re just like him.’ So maybe I’m channeling him!”

Talent runs in the family. Steve’s dad played the violin with the Dallas Symphony Orchestra.

Talents aside, Steve says it’s great to be involved in social media because “even though I live alone,

I’m never really alone.

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